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Sky asking customers to tell them if they want to access adult content

Sky adult content filtering to be left on as standard unless asked otherwise

It was in the news yesterday. Sky is phasing in the inclusion of an enabled Sky adult content filtering as standard unless specifically requested not to. I was told by Lyssa Mcgowan herself. Well on her blog.

This is going to be an  interesting one to watch. I’m not going to rabbit on about how it should be the other way around – that families should opt in. I’m just going to see how long it takes for someone to hack in to the Sky database and publish the list of clients that have opted out. Just to show they can. Someone will take on the challenge.

It’s the same issue as why we shouldn’t be thinking about saving internet browsing data. Someone will leave it on a bus or it will get hacked and published on a server somewhere around the world.

Name and shame I say. Who wants to look at filthy pornography anyway. Bring back the high necked collar and floor length dresses. They had it right in Queen Victoria’s day. They also used to hide kids away in the nursery with their nannies. It’s no different today except now Sky provide the parental services by proxy.

The knock on effects of this type of decision will reverberate around the world. At least around the world’s browser manufacturers (does one manufacture a browser?). Sky customers that have opted out and who for reasons of privacy want to use incognito windows will now see a new message:

“Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider or the websites that you visit. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A SKY BROADBAND CUSTOMER WINK WINK”

Interestingly Sky come out very well in our BROADBANDRating rankings. Getting the product mix right continues to be a difficult exercise but I’m not so sure they have it right with this one. There hasn’t been much adverse customer reaction on Twitter, as yet. Just people noting that filters are automatically on. Time will tell.

Fnar fnar.

Later – found a fair few negative tweets on this subject after all. Sample below:

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