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social media broadband marketing

I know we got thousands of you thinking when we put out a post last week asking what had happened to the router. Well it was all a taster for our social media broadband marketing – video style.

Last Thursday we had a corporate day out shooting. This was shooting in both senses of the word. We shot routers both with shotguns and with a camera. In fact we shot the shotgun with a camera as well.

It was all done in the name of social media publicity for Here’s the video that came out of it all:

Look out for more from the filming over the coming days.

Many thanks to our video production manager Tom Davies for his outstanding media production skills.

If you are looking for help with a corporate video then do get in touch. This is all part of our Technology Marketing capability. Look out also for an announcement this week regarding a series of events we are putting together around the theme of Technology Marketing.

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