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How to choose the fastest broadband provider – go pig racing

fastest broadband pig race

Fastest broadband pig race brought to you by

The video says it all really. This is the latest in a fun filled series of videos by which brings a different slant to how to go about choosing a broadband provider.

In this case the fastest broadband provider is represented by the winning pig. The ISP names are all made up in case the losers make a complaint.

The funny thing is that one day you could be eating a bacon sandwich made from our winning pig – Uswine Bolt.

Filmed on location at Piglets Adventure Farm Park in York to whom we are extremely grateful for their enthusiastic cooperation.

Thanks also to Tom Davies of If you visit his website you may notice something in the way of a family resemblance. Video production is part of the portfolio of service s offered by Marketing Services. If you are looking for your own corporate video or videos please do get in touch.

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One reply on “How to choose the fastest broadband provider – go pig racing”

I am becoming even more alarmed that John Whittingdale continues to ignore the laws of physics. Does he really think that the likes of Upottery will all be over the moon ? Does he not realise that the crass stupidity of not installing the twin ducts everywhere lays HMG open to the charge that they are ignoring due diligence leaving Surrey villages now up to SEVEN MONTHS without the ability to obtain a service with 192 services unused but unavailable still in the cabinet ? (As well as causing quite un-necessary disruption with duplicated roadworks too?)

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