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More tea vicar?

That’s a random blog title. I am not drinking tea and the vicar doesn’t come round to our house since the day a few years back I dropped a hot leg of lamb onto his lap. Not deliberately of course but drop it I did. I also spent the rest of that Sunday afternoon plying him with booze but there came a time when the hand was raised indicating that he had had sufficient. He had to go and set up the ping pong table for youth group later.

I’m at home listening to the cricket. Anne is in the kitchen preparing a delicious paneer curry and the one offspring that currently remains in the house is out somewhere. Or hidden away in the West wing. Anyway he is silent.

The cricket is going very well but I shall refrain from any forecast. That would be unlucky. I’ll be at Trent Bridge for the 4th test next Friday. Look out for me in the crowd. Not the corporate boxes. Nobody invited me to their corporate box. I don’t mind. I go with my mates and we have a great time.

A day out at the cricket goes something like this:

  • Early train to Nottingham from Lincoln
  • Breakfast in the Southbank Bar over the road to the ground at 9 – 9.30ish. Full English with a pint of lager. Ash knows the owner and we reserve a table.
  • Into the ground around 10.30ish. Find our seats. Settle in.
  • Just before the start of play someone gets a round in. There are 4 of us. Means you don’t have to go too often. The queues are not bad for beer at Trent Bridge. They have separate teams for serving and pulling pints. The queue goes down quickly.
  • Someone buys the next round. This carries on in a pseudo infinite loop punctuated by a burger at lunchtime and the occasional visit to the loo in between overs.
  • The pace of the day is self regulating. We settle into a sustainable rate of consumption that may be supplemented by a jug of pimms sometime in the afternoon, especially if it is hot.
  • At the close of play we tread a weary trail back towards Nottingham train station. En route we call in for a rest and a cold drink. Hooters is one of the stops, conveniently situated half way between the ground and the station.
  • There is a Sainsburys Local next to Nottingham station. We buy some supplies for consumption on the train.
  • Back in Lincoln the options are go home, go to the Electric Bar or go for a curry.

I’ll let you know how we get on. Maybe.

Meanwhile the paneer curry has been eaten. Delicious. It is stumps at Edgebaston. Australia lead with 3 wickets remaining. Life ain’t bad… More tea vicar?

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