The lists below show BT and TalkTalk Ethernet enabled exchanges as of 1st April 2012. As the lists has grown I have changed the format so that they now download as spreadsheets. The lists contains details of exchanges ready for service of both Fibre based Ethernet and Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM), the copper based solution.

Ethernet is a very fast growing part of the market as businesses look for increased reliability and more bandwidth. It’s going to be interesting to see how this competes with FTTC and FTTP, now becoming almost as widely available.

BT Ethernet & EFM exchanges

TalkTalk Business Ethernet exchanges

TalkTalk Business EFM exchanges

Virgin Media Business supplied me with the following comment

“We are not constrained like BT and TalkTalk who have to work from BT exchanges and can only work to 25 or 35km. Our network can run 85km out of our headends so I am not sure what to send to you.” No worries.

If you have any questions regarding Ethernet services then feel free to mail me at [email protected]. There’s also some more good stuff on the Timico website here.


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Oo thanks Nat – actually it looks like July last year. I’ll ask someone to check on this . Might just have posted the wrong spreadsheet.

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