conference freebies

Sometimes when someone is making a statement you just have to sit up and take notice.  In this case LINX69 sponsors Prolabs have impressed by giving us branded  4GB USB memory sticks.  The new bar has been set. Coincidentally I recently did a screen on all my kids’ USB sticks checking for viruses. They produced […]

Interexion talk on green datacentres at Linx66

Some interesting talks at the today’s Linx66 sessions at Goodenough College in London. Lex Coors, VP of international datacentre operator Interexion discussed the green datacentre. One of the slides that caught my attention related to best practice in how end users can keep their power consumption to a minimum. Most of these are pretty obvious […]

UK is becoming attractive place as an internet hub

Because the value of the British pound has dropped in recent times the UK is now becoming an attractive place for international ISP networks to connect.  LINX in particular has seen 17  international networks join the peering group out of a total of 19 new members in the last three months. In order to keep […]

LINX 65 and Telecity

First day of LINX65 produced the usual interesting mix of talks. Today included IPv6 and VoIP QoS. The sponsor’s talk at the end was given by Rob Coupland, COO of datacentre operator, Telecity. In Europe Telecity operates in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Milan and Frankfurt. A good footprint to have. What was interesting was the […]

London Internet Exchange market data – from LINX64

66% of the global routing table is carried by LINX. This means an Internet Service Provider can connect their customers  to 66% of the webservers  (is websites) in the world just by hooking up to LINX  at their Docklands locations. Using Peering Exchanges like LINX allows us to cut down on expensive internet connections. LINX has […]

Internet Usage Surges During Obama Speech

Internet usage has skyrocketed with people watching the Inauguration of new US President Barack Obama online.  At first glance it looks like even more people are watching this than went online to watch the Beijing  Olympics. The picture below shows a snapshot of traffic over the London Access Point (LONAP) exchange. It looks to me  from […]