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A peek inside the boardroom

connect - signage at the new Timico data centre in Newark

the new boardroom at Timico in NewarkEver wondered what goes oncoffee machine dispensing a latte at the new Timico data centre in Newark inside a board room? Important decisions? Tea or coffee? Cappucino, Americano, latte?  One sugar or two?

All of the above 🙂  Obviously a lot more gets discussed as well and I am pleased to be able to show you our new accommodation. I haven’t yet decided where to sit  – another of those decisions that will work itself out as we settle in.

Timico NOC being populated with furniture prior to "go live"The photo on the left is of the development engineering area at the new Timico data centre in NewarkNetwork Operations Centre being populated with furniture. You can see it starting to take shape in front of the video wall.

The pic on the right is part of the development engineering office. This is where all the serious service platform development will happen. Visible is Group Ops Director Calum Malcolm’s office with meeting room. To the right of that is a breakout area which will have sofas etc conducive to creative thinking (and having a nap 🙂 ! )

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