When did you last phone “home”?

Landline use in decline Landline use seems to be in decline. When I got into the office this morning I called home. I’d lost a tie and thought I might have dropped it on our drive. When I want to call someone my usual way is to go to the logs on my phone and […]

Voice over IP – a techno-regulatory view

Here is an article written by Trefor Davies and Louise Lancaster in the Institute of Telecoms Professionals’ Journal and published this month. It coversĀ a bit of the history of VoIP technology, where it has evolved to today and some current issues such as number porting and naked DSL. vol4_p2_26-32 For more information on the ITP […]

Naked DSL? Not on your Nellie says Ofcom!

I hear that according to Ofcom naked DSL is officially dead in the UK water and that they are not interested in pursuing it. Naked DSL is the product that would allow VoIP providers to offer voice over broadband without having to pay for the voice element of the underlying analogue phone line. If a […]