Government P2P plans could cost broadband users £365 million a year

In its response to the Government’s consultation on Music Piracy BT has stated that the three strikes approach may cost each broadband user £24 a year (up to £1million a day in total). This represents what BT thinks may be the cost of implementing the legislation and which it might find itself having to pass on […]

20% increase in P2P downloads since Pirate Bay court case.

At the ISPA Legal Forum today it was stated that research has shown that illegal P2P downloading has increased by 20% since the high profile Pirate Bay court case. This was revealed as the result of a recent 3 month research study into Consumer online behaviour by University College London academic Robin Hunt. Hunt said that a […]

TV license fee for internet watching

In my mind the clock has started ticking ever so quietly for the end of TV Licensing.  A review of the TV License fee by the BBC Trust looks at the issues associated with collecting TV License revenues for the BBC. The report says “The licence fee collection is currently heavily reliant on the fact […]

Internet Service Provider Tax?

Just coincidentally following yesterday’s post on the BERR press release concerning P2P regulation today the Financial Times is saying that the Government is going to establish a “Rights Agency” to coordinate the enforcement of action against ISP customers breaking the law in respect of illegal downloading. This agency will be paid for by a tax […]

BT in the News for Throttling Broadband

BT has made the headlines again for throttling all peer to peer traffic. has just produced a report on the subject. People perhaps don’t realise that P2P isn’t just used for downloading (often illegal) media from the internet. P2P is often the most efficient way of moving large amounts of data from one location […]