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Exclusive images of new Samsung Galaxy S5 logo

sgs5Exclusive images of new Samsung Galaxy S5 logo leaked.

Just came across a link to a blog post with photos of the supposed casing to the iPhone 6. Whoopeedee. Don’t get me wrong here. This isn’t a rant about the presumably forthcoming iPhone 6. It’s an “I think we have overdosed on new phone introductions” rant.

It’s a bit like we have too many Ashes cricket series’. We must have because the Aussies won the last one, as I recall.

sgs5 logoI’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S4. I had the S3 and the S2. I assume there must have been an S as well – can’t remember that far back (3 years?!). Or it wasn’t on my radar at the time. The Samsung Galaxy S5 interests me not one little bit. The marketing machines have run out of ideas as far as I am concerned. They are firing blanks. Sack em all.

We can’t be that far off the time when phone hardware becomes the same for us all anyway. Look at cars. The all look the same, give or take a grill and light fitting. It’s now all about the software. The frills. I’m assuming here that one bit of faux leather interior is much the same as another bit of faux leather interior.

So there must come a time when the