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Connectivity envy

It wasn’t so long ago that  I wrote a post asking who had the biggest home network. The winner was @NeilMcrae  see here for a reminder. So yesterday I was wandering through the corridors of the Timico Development Engineering building trying to find my way out when I came across Paul at his desk doing stuff.

From nowhere a stack of pizza boxes had appeared with enough ports to service a small ISP. “Setting up in business” I asked. Actually we have just decommissioned a couple of cages in Docklands and saved a lot cash in the process and some of the kit has appeared on Paul’s desk temporarily.

When I say a lot of cash I mean £100k a year. The equipment has all been moved to our Datacentre in Newark. Customers are paying less, it is costing us less. Everybody is happy (all clap).

If you want to move some of your kit out of docklands get in touch and perhaps take a look here. You know it makes sense. While we’re at it there is a really cool Timico cloud umbrella, with pictures of clouds inside it when you open it up, for the person who comes up with the photo showing the most switch ports on his or her desk. No cheating now.

connectivity envy