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Light relief – fibre to the premises

We are just in the process of installing a 1 Gigabit Ethernet fibre link to the Timico Headquarters in Newark.  The process is in massive contrast to our friends in Wennington, Lanacashire who have had to get a digger out and become experts at diy fibre laying.

In our case this first Gig link will go into existing ducts. See photo below.


This 1Gig link is actually the first of two diversely routed fibre connections that we are putting in to increase resilience to the site. I’m goingto follow the upgrade together with developments in our colo offering in pictures on the blog.

The photo does bring a wry smile.  The fibre, if you can make out the colour is lilac.  The blue is the thin rope that is used to pull the fibre through the ducts – in theory this is left in place underground in all ducts for this very purpose. It makes me think of the tin can and string telephone analogy.  The string can carry a single conversation. The fibre, as it stands, could carry around simultaneous 20,000 calls.

Lastly I did struggle with the title for this post.  “You light up my life”,  “let there be light” and “trip the light fantastic” all sprang to mind. Take your pick :-).

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Broadband Fibre Farming Tails – The Happy Ending

Last episode from the broadband fibre network laying story that has gripped the nation (see earlier posts here and here if you missed them). I am pleased to say that it has a happy ending, and Wennington now has two more users connected by high speed link to it’s network. Shame about the 2Mps backhaul.

As I write, I understand that the Digital Britain Report has been completed and is awaiting publication on 15th June. I believe it has the 2Mbps USO clause in it, and also some support for Next Generation broadband access in rural areas. Whether this is new money or simply rebranded existing EU funding remains to be seen. Let’s hope this broadband fibre video story becomes a quaint historical note sooner rather than later.

Anyway here’s the video.