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German court declares against data retention act

The Data Retention Act, which is about Big Brother getting out of control, is being rolled out across the European Union.  I’ve posted about it on a number of occasions, including here and here

The story has taken an interesting turn with a German court pronouncing it invalid.   Specifically:

“The court is of the opinion that data retention violates the fundamental right to privacy. It is not necessary in a democratic society. The individual does not provoke the interference but can be intimidated by the risks of abuse and the feeling of being under surveillance […] The directive [on data retention] does not respect the principle of proportionality guaranteed in Article 8 ECHR, which is why it is invalid.”

It seems to me this is going to hot up a little in the UK.

The link to the whole article is on the vorratsdatenspeicherung website 🙂

My thanks to James Blessing for this link.

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