Land ho – overseas customers spotted

What do the following countries have in common? France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland, USA, Mexico, Hungary, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Liverpool. They are all places where we have customers. During our monthly Exec meeting yesterday a Singapore customer was discussed which made me think of totting up all the other places we […]

Net neutrality, Skype and Commissioner Reding

Continuing with the theme of reports I’ve been reading the EuroISPA report that comes across my desk every month. Like it or not when the EC magisterially waves its authoritative hand we do feel the ripples in the UK. This month in response to a parliamentary question on T-Mobile blocking Skype over broadband networks in […]

German court declares against data retention act

The Data Retention Act, which is about Big Brother getting out of control, is being rolled out across the European Union.  I’ve posted about it on a number of occasions, including here and here.  The story has taken an interesting turn with a German court pronouncing it invalid.   Specifically: “The court is of the opinion that data […]