Online instant poll results for #leadersdebate Guardian Times and Telegraph

Interesting to flit round the various online poll results for some of the newspapers, taken 15 minutes after the end of the debate:

                                        Guardian         Telegraph           Times

Gordon Brown                28.5%           16%                        15%

Nick Clegg                        62.1%            38%                     59.9%

David Cameron                 9.4%           47%                       25.1%

I think I will wait for an independent poll –  the above are somewhat partisan.

Interesting to watch technology in action though.  I followed the debate on line with SkyNews and with Twitter.

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  1. considering how many can’t get a decent connection in this country I don’t think the polls are accurate either. Presumably the more rural people are conservative? Until everyone has access to the internet polls like this can’t be taken seriously. I agree, it is interesting to watch the comments on twitter though! I am not political so I hardly contribute to #leadersdebate, but come the day when we all have fibre I guess we can vote online saving the country millions and giving everyone the chance to cast their vote without moving many muscles.

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