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Nokia 97 twitter bot retweets negative Nokia PR

twitter screenshot from @tref showing careless retweet

Amusingly the post I wrote this morning, which basically said that people I knew were by and large moving away from Nokia to Android or Apple, was retweeted by a bot from an account called @luv_nokia_n97. I don’t know if this is an official Nokia twitter account but it certainly shows that there is a lot to consider when treading the social networking path.

Clearly the post was not checked out and brands need to either be careful how they implement such “tools” or how they police others’ use of their name on the internet.

PS I’ve left the Nokia N97 name in the post title again – I’m not averse to some free retweeting 🙂

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3 replies on “Nokia 97 twitter bot retweets negative Nokia PR”

That user doesn’t appear to be an official one.
There is certainly a lot of activity around Twitter posts! The API must be very active…

FWIW I notice that when I post a link on Twitter around 19 ‘bots’ (last time I checked) almost immediately follow the link. Some are from the ‘retweet me’ brigade etc.

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