Nokia 97 twitter bot retweets negative Nokia PR

Amusingly the post I wrote this morning, which basically said that people I knew were by and large moving away from Nokia to Android or Apple, was retweeted by a bot from an account called @luv_nokia_n97. I don’t know if this is an official Nokia twitter account but it certainly shows that there is a […]

Bandwidth bandits – the story continues with the GoPro HD Hero

I have been raving about the Kodak zi8 but now enter the GoPro HD HERO stage left. This is a headcam that Ben, our head of NetOps, has bought this month to go snowboarding. Instead of holiday snaps he wants memories in 1080p HD on YouTube that all his mates can watch when he gets […]

Mobile VoIP action hotting up

One of my predictions for 2009 was that mobile VoIP would finally come of age. In the last two weeks there have been significant announcements in this space. Firstly Google announced a service called Google VoIP that is intended to be a rival to Skype. The service will also do voice to text when someone […]