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I have seen the light, opened the door and been let in by ProTalk

Protalk SIP based door entry systemI love it when our engineers come up to me and say “want to see something interesting?”. Today one of our top VoIP engineers showed me the ProTalk IP (SIP) antivandal door entry unit.  This is a rock solid door entry system controlled by SIP video phone.

Pressing the button initiates a sip call to the number / call group of your choice, sets up a video call upon being answeredProTalk SIP door entry system from ProVu and allows the operator to open the door remotely by keying in a prearranged number.  The system will in theory work with any SIP video phone – we have tested it with the SNOM 8xx series and a number of soft clients.

It should even work on mobile SIP clients – any SIP phone that can generate a DTMF tone. At Timico it is being tested as part of the security for the new data centre but it is easy to imagine it being used in many application areas.

I could even envisage using it at home – kids forget their key and you not in the house? They push the button and you answer on your smart phone and let them in.

ProTalk is a product of ProVu communications in Huddersfield.  They are good lads and worth taking a look at.

Isn’t technology marvelous!

Trefor Davies

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It doesn’t necessarily need to be a SIP client on your mobile either, if you tell it to call your mobile then the DTMF tone can be generated from any PSTN phone. 🙂

Thanks Wayne. So what you’re telling me is that I can shoot off for the weekend with the wife comfortable in the knowledge that if the kids lose their keys they won’t have to bed down in the playhouse at the bottom of the garden until I get back.

I like the ProTalk SIP system, it does what you need. CyberData build a similar unit. Similar in its connectivity. SIP enabled for VoIP networks. What i like about this one, is it has a backlit 12-key keypad. So you can use it like an IP telephone. This allows you to dial and speed dial multiple extension numbers. Its also IP65 rated and made from a robust stainless steel. Wayne made good comment too. Both Protalk and CyberData trigger the relay with DTMF tones. Dual Tone Multi frequency, are the signals and tones our phones sends, similar to when you call SKY or Virgin and you are greeted with a automated menu. Our call is routed through DTMF. When the intercom recognises the pre set DTMF string you input, for example 321. The door, gate or barrier opens. Intercoms like Paxton require an app because their DTMF deliver method is “SIP INFO” which is not really supported. You can see the CyberData Outdoor V3 VoIP Intercom here With this door and barrier phone, you can also trigger the relay with secure PIN codes. Good article and great website Trefor

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