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I have decided, and I haven’t told my wife this, that my house needs to be a case study for the connected home. The technological home of the future.  The question is what does this connected home look like?

I have Cat 5 cabling downstairs a switch, wifi and shortly I will have FTTC. This is all very well but other than working from home occasionally and accessing the internet what am I going to do with it all.

I would welcome suggestions for services or technology that will be of use in the home that I should be testing.

Thanks in advance

That’s all folks.

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  1. First things that came to my head, X10 integration, automatic curtains for when the sun comes up, biometric entry system with built in alerting if your kids come in at 3am, remote controlled heating, motion and time controlled lighting, central media system….

  2. What level of connectivity? Tweeting when the patio lights change state? Graphing the fridge vs ambient temperature, and correlating against energy usage? XBMC on all the media frontends? How far do you want to take this?! 🙂

  3. Ok lads I take all of these suggestions onboard. Most of them don’t turn me on though controlling central heating (retrofit prob not easy) and maybe lights is of use. I’ll add security cam. The fridge ain’t there yet from what I can see.

    I guess we need a secure web based control panel. This also needs to be integrated with the family calendar and my wife needs to learn to use Google calendar. This is going to be a work in progress.

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