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Broadband Life: No Business Like Snow Business

You are looking at a disappointed man. Wha!  How can this be?  Surely not you Tref I hear you say? Yes yes disappointed 😉 What’s up?  We have had a very light smattering of snow.

I like snow. Snow, for the most part, makes the place look pretty and means I can wrap up cosily in front of a roaring open fire at home and enjoy the real winter. I don’t do the sledging any more – it’s all very well getting a thrill from speeding down that hill but you then have to traipse all the way back to the top dragging a sledge and almost certainly a kid. I still like throwing snowballs mind you. Nothing quite like the satisfaction of catching someone in the back of the neck.

I also quite like the superiority of owning a 4×4 when it snows. Other cars are sliding all over the place or struggling to get up the slightest incline but the Jeep takes it all with total ease.

This snow is not heavy enough for any of any of that. It might well close the golf course tomorrow but that is largely because you can’t see white balls on a white background. That’s the only thing this snow is likely to disrupt this weekend and in all probability I’ll be watching the 6 Nations rugby so not playing golf anyway.

None of the above is why I’m disappointed. Snow is really good stuff for business if you are in the VoIP game. When offices have to shut down because their staff can’t make it in those businesses with the vision to use VoIP and/or SIP trunks have minimal disruption. Workers stay at home and carry on with their job using broadband and VoIP, or calls to an office that is closed are simply diverted to another that has stayed open. It all happens at the flick of switch (actually the tick of an on line box). Snow drives sales:)

Broadband life.

Funny innit? One day I’m talking about homeworking at the height of next summer because of the Olympics and the next about the same thing in winter. I can almost see the workplace of the future where people will be talking about building physical offices for people to occasionally come in and meet their colleagues in real life. How weird will that be?

Will people be able to converse in conversations of more than 140 characters  or wthout abbrviatng evry wrd 2 fit sentnce in2 space. T? Gr8 thx. u dont look ne thing like ur avatar. uhuh.

Anyway there you go. That’s why I’m disappointed but don’t worry I’m sure I’ll cheer up soon. It’s Friday after all – yay 🙂



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