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Samsung media event date announced – should we get excited – 4G & photos

I have to be careful here because whilst I am a Samsung fan I have no desire to be labelled a fanboi in the manner of Apple afficionados. Samsung has announced a media event at Earls Court on Thursday 3rd May and the speculation is that this will be the Galaxy S3 launch. This might be exciting.

I use a Galaxy S2 which is as far as I am concerned still a great phone. There has to be a lot of new functionality for me to want to upgrade – certainly more than appears to have been the case with the various flavours of iPhone churned out over the last 12 months.

What might these improvements be? I guess they are the usual screen quality and processor speed or more like what I might be able to do with improved processor speed. Accompanying this would ideally be 4G readiness. I will almost certainly be signing up to a commercial 4G service in the next 12 months and if this was not supported, at least with a firmware upgrade it would be a negative. All this points to a need for better battery life as all of the other “improvements” would almost certainly be more power hungry.

They all also point towards increased use of the mobile data connection and access to more online resources (note careful avoidance of the C word). I recently uploaded a nine minute video of the last bit of the journey on the Manx Electric Railway up Snaefell mountain in the Isle of Man. 1.5GBytes if you want to know.

YouTube asked me if I would like them to edit the video to remove the shaky bits – unavoidable when your transport is a 100+ year old electric tram. This must involve a serious amount of processing but is an example of how my mobile device might work in tandem with online services.

This could mean the death knell of poor quality family photos – Google might soon even be able to restore the top of people’s heads and insert captions naming the countless distant mountains and great sea views we all like to snap whilst on holiday but can never remember what they were when we get home.

Anyway there you go – my prediction concerning Samsung Galaxy S3 specification and advice on how to improve your photographic techniques.

It’s good to be back 🙂

PS after 4 hours that video is still “being edited” by Google’s servers. Maybe faster online processing is something we might be willing to pay for one day? Check out the video below – on a clear day you can see forever 🙂 Stick with it to the end for a 360 degree view of the Isle of Man.

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