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A bets a bet – £50 to get his CCIE by the time he is 40

This is simply a public record of a bet betweenWayne (right) bets Stuart (left) that he won't have his CCIE by the time he is 40. two guys. Wayne, pictured right has bet Stuart (bearded guy obv) fifty quid that he won’t get his CCIE before he is 40 in two and a half years time.

My money is on Stuart but Wayne has plenty of time to start saving.

It’s good to have a culture of self improvement and also to be able to make some money out of it as well 🙂

Trefor Davies

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People who know me know I am a man who has a problem with equability. It is all or nothing – binge and purge, kill or be killed. Grey is unquestionably not a colour I wear well.

Once my mind is set there is no turning back.

Back in 2007 people told me I could not change my career and pass my CCNA, they were forced to eat their words in 2008. I followed this by passing the CCNP in late 2009, the CCNA security in early 2010, the CCIP by 2011 and this year passed my JNCIA.
This has enabled me to be one of the 3rd line network engineers here at Timico in this short space of time – a level I was told I could not aspire to be by some.

None of this is an easy feat it has cost me, be it time or money. My home Cisco lab rivals most medium size ISP’s, my Cisco books are close to 50, I do 2-3 hours per night of study (I have scaled this down from 3- 4 hours in the last year). I listen to Cisco audio lectures in the car and not the radio/music – plus I have the support of a loving wife and son.

The CCIE RS has always been the plan, and I intend to walk away from the CCIE RS lab in Brussels with my number.


CCIE is a shockingly poor qualification. Better to spend the time learning about real engineering rather than becoming a configuration monkey.

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