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Search engine stats – the winner and losers (although you already knew this)

Just happened to notice which search engine is being used to access this blog today. Percentage numbers are Google 94.02%, Yahoo 2.99%, Bing 2.72% and Ask .27%.

In the UK the regulator has been forcing BT to lose market share due to its significant market power.  I wonder why it doesn’t do the same thing for search.

That’s all…

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One reply on “Search engine stats – the winner and losers (although you already knew this)”

Well, the reason would be that the choice of Search Engine is open, whereas the choice of telecom provider is limited by who owns the copper/fibre that runs to your house…

You can use any engine you want, no one is stopping you from using Bing (and if you have Windows and IE installed then it tries to default you to that choice) or any other engine for that matter. If your content was Russian then you’d be seeing 60% for Yandex, if it was Chinese (and the government approved) then 60% would come from Baidu.

And DuckDuckGo would send you to instead…

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