Search engine stats – the winner and losers (although you already knew this)

Just happened to notice which search engine is being used to access this blog today. Percentage numbers are Google 94.02%, Yahoo 2.99%, Bing 2.72% and Ask .27%. In the UK the regulator has been forcing BT to lose market share due to its significant market power.  I wonder why it doesn’t do the same thing […] Suspended Following Universal Music Removal Request

Doing the rounds today is news of the removal of the site. The italicised text is from their temporary holding page. “ was suspended by its German hosting company after removal request from law firm representing Universal Music, although we never hosted any files or copyrighted data on our server. Our site is strictly informative. […]


Having discussed the suitability of “bing” as a name for a search engine someone mentioned that they had recently found a site called WolframAlpha. Now that’s what I call a name. WolframAlpha is a “computational knowledge engine”. It is worth a look. I suspect that it has a long way to go before matching google […]