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Usain Bolt - billions of fans want to see him win at the London 2012 OlympicsLittle Olympic factoid for you. The last time the Olympics were held in London, in 1948, there were 2,000 press representatives. This time around there are going to be 22,000 media people. Most of them will be over to cover the women’s beach volleyball finals which is why there weren’t many tickets for the rest of us.

You can picture the scene. The small cordoned off area normally called the press box will actually contain the paying punters whilst the rest of it is for the journos and photographers. Those in the cordoned off area will not be allowed to take photos because they will be the few unaccredited persons at the venue.

I’m a bit cross I didn’t think of this earlier. It might have been cheaper to buy a press accreditation (global blog audience etc) than buy actual tickets for events and that almost certainly gives you all areas access to the last night party. The kids could have come along as camera bag carriers etc.

They might have been a bit suspicious when they find out I was just using my Samsung Galaxy S3 with its camera burst mode. Usain would probably come out a bit blurred but it would give you a feel for the event.

Ah well I’ll have to think of that for the next time.

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Probably not – do you know how much free beer and sandwiches they are having to line up for the press? Not to mention the representatives of all the International Olympic committees.

What’s the world coming to?!! it’s clear that the administrators of this sport are getting so old that they are starting to feel the cold. Just because they have to wrap up on the beach doesn’t mean everyone else does:)

Yeah we were talking about that in the office the other week Martyn – that is just not on!

Facts – 1948 olympics versus 2012 Olympics

Standing ticket to watch athletics – 3s 6d (17.5p). Now: £202.
Average wage in the UK in 1948 – £455.77 a year. Now: £26,000.
Average cost of a new house in 1948 — £1,751. Now: £163,000.

1948 London Olympics GB medals — three gold, 14 silver, six bronze.

Let us hope we do as well, if not better. We can take the medals down to Cash Converters and help pay off some the debt we are in! 🙂


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