Headset socket on my Samsung Galaxy S3 is not working – audio problem

Samsung Galaxy S3 seen next to a Samsung Galaxy S2Much as it pains me I have to tell you that the headset socket on my Samsung Galaxy S3 is not working. I found out because during the week I started to net no audio on my phone though it would work in speakerphone mode.

When this first happened I checked all the settings and there was nothing obvious. Switching bluetooth off seemed to do the trick and I put it down to somehow the phone not having unhitched itself from my Parrot car kit. I can see my car from my panoramic office window:)

It must have been a coincidence because it is now happening all the time. In the wee small hours of this morning I woke up and googled the problem. I found an android forum with a thread that showed the same problem on a different model of handset.

If you had been using the headset sometimes the sensor didn’t work to show that the plug was no longer in the socket. I had to wait until morning to confirm this on my phone. My wife Anne would not have been too happy if I had accidentally switched something noisy on the phone during the night.

I can indeed confirm that the problem lies with the headset socket. Nothing in fact works through the headset.

Sigh. Someone on Twitter mentioned that this sort of thing often happens when a phone reaches end of life. Unfortunately this is the wrong end.

Its worth noting I still haven’t finished testing all the features on the Samsung Galaxy S3. The bit where the phone isn’t supposed to switch off doesn’t seem to work all the time and I have supposedly disabled the LED for alerts but it still comes on. Early days for the S3 I guess.

We are about to find out how well the returns system works!

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26 thoughts on “Headset socket on my Samsung Galaxy S3 is not working – audio problem

  1. kevin says:

    I am having same issue with headset but was hopping to find a fix with out sending to Samsung. I love the phone and don’t want to be with out it…

    1. Trefor Davies tref says:

      hmm sorry Kevin but it was easy for me as I handed it to someone else to sort. it does feel like a hardware issue though but I guess there could be a firmware solution.

  2. Claire says:

    Please do post if you find a solution to this. It’s a pain in the butt. tvm C

  3. diego says:

    Hi. Same thing here. It’s very upsetting. A new 700 euros gadget, that doesn’t work. I love the telephone, but with no music it’s a no…

  4. david says:

    hey guys.. i had the same issue.. and then realized that i didn’t have it ‘plugged’ in all the way.. try pushing a bit harder.. not to hard and make sure the ‘shaft’ of the headset is all the way in with the white portion of the headset touching the ‘frame’ of the phone… hope this is your issue too :-)

  5. bypassere says:

    i also had the same problem, so worried that the audio jack is faulty…(because i ever face the same issue on my old blackberry 8900)

    try resetting the phone by holding the right button on the side, and choose reset.
    i tried and my audio jack is working again~! cheers samsung!

  6. Marcelo Vanzuita says:

    Guys, I was having the same problem. Try resetting your phone with the headphones jacket in. It resolved my problem.


  7. Trefor Davies tref says:

    Thanks to both bypassere and Marcelo for the comments. Interesting to note that when I did my original searches online for ideas for a fix there was nothing there – almost certainly because the phone was so new – people hadn’t had a chance to find problems & report them. I guess if I were to do the same thing now I’d find a lot more info out there – this blog included.

    David – that was definitely not my issue but I can see how it would happen.

  8. Diana says:

    Plug the headset in, restart (or power off then on) the phone and the headset will be detected


  9. laila says:

    david is right… i had the same problem as everyone else i just followed david’s instruction and VOILA … it worked .. thanks god for that ..thanx david

    1. Trefor Davies tref says:

      That’s great Laila & many thanks to David for the tip:)

  10. nivlac says:

    i have just 1 headphone working i have 2 s3`s and tried it on both and they are the same i tried playing with the mono section but made no diffeance, tried all above tips but still only 1 working on both phones any more ideas thanks

  11. Neil says:

    It worked for me too. Plug the headphones in, restart the phone and it’s detected them flawlessly ever since.

    Thanks guys

  12. Jim says:

    Thanks everyone for your help.I reset mine to & hey presto it’s working.

  13. Brad says:

    I had the same problem. No phone call sound coming through the headphones even when they are plugged in. But I was using aftermarket earbuds. I then tried the white earbuds that came with the phone, and presto, it worked. I do not know how they are different, but it seems that although music, and other sounds work with any earbuds, the phone will only consistently work with the “magic” Samsung earbuds that came in the box. You might try that. Hope this helps.

    1. Trefor Davies tref says:

      This has been quite a useful set of comments -thanks to all for their contributions:)

  14. Laxmi says:

    Thanks all for your suggestions ! it’s resolved now.

  15. Simon says:

    I’m having this problem too…everything worked until I plugged in a fake connector for the past day. But that shouldnt be a problem ahould it? It was plastic…shouldmt be detected by the phone anyway :L Need to solve this :(

  16. FERNANDO R SILVA says:

    Marcelo Vanzuita, your solution fits at all with me too.

    Thanks, guy!

    Marcelo Vanzuita says:
    “Guys, I was having the same problem. Try resetting your phone with the headphones jacket in. It resolved my problem.


  17. Sameer says:

    It worked for me too….thanks…:)
    But audio jack connection symbol is not showing on top..:| any inputs on this issue???

  18. rob says:

    Ok lets stop repeating the whole reset thing. Although, the white headphones that it came with work fine, they’re crappy headphones. We need a solution to use our favorites headphones and resetting all the time isn’t realistic.

  19. Bishw says:

    I have Samsung galaxy s3, had same problem. I can listen to music through my earpiece but my problem is a bit different from yours. my earpiece volume button can not increase or decrease volume. I can not return calls while i am listening to music even though I can hear phone is ringing. I had to disconnect the earpiece from my phone to return calls, this is the third phone I have changed from my operators with different earpiece or headphone. i have tried all the tips and support from you. i would be grateful if anyone there able to help me


  20. bigdadday says:

    Thanks guys restarting did it for me as well , But audio jack connection symbol is not showing on top..:| any inputs on this issue???

  21. jihad says:

    Thanks David :) worked for me !!

  22. Nir Gurung says:

    i have a same problem and i was struggling to sort out by resetting but i switched off the device and switched on then it worked.

  23. Mohamed says:

    Just restart the phone and it will work.

    Thanks “bypassere”

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