Samsung Galaxy S3 not charging problem

Samsung Galaxy S2 water damageShort news bulletin to inform you that this morning my Samsung Galaxy S3 is not charging. This follows on from the same problem I had with the Galaxy S2.

The diagnosis for the S2 was water damage despite my assertion signed affidavit that it has never been anywhere near water.

It looks as if I’m going to have to get the S3 sent away for repair/analysis. Not good. All I can say is if the same diagnosis comes back  as for the S2 I’m going to be hounding Samsung. It’s too much of a coincidence or at the very least poor reliability in the design. Note this is already my second Galaxy S3 – the first had a headset connector problem.

The header photo is the “water” damage on the old Galaxy S2. Stay tuned for updates on this hot news item.

PS to make it easy for those who are interested I’ve pasted links to all the other posts that talk aboutSamsung Galaxy S2 and S3 problems:

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4 thoughts on “iPad tracked whilst on TNT overnight delivery

  1. … and that’s why the government security services want unfettered access to this sort of information

  2. Simon McGill says:

    Very handy to keep an eye on the kids locations too – via the Find My Friemds app. I’ve converted us to an ‘iFamily’ and it’s already saved the day a couple of times with bicycle punctures and the like. BTW, the kids can track myself & the wife too – it’s only fair.

    And for that added wow factor, install the Google Latitude app and watch your movements over the course of the day, week, month as a map movie – very hand for filling in your millage expenses… :)

  3. Trefor Davies tref says:

    I don’t have location switched on usually which is a combination of getting my brain around the privacy issue and also the concern that GPS uses a lot of battery. Whether the latter is still the case on the S3 I don’t know. As regards the former I’m a very quiet and private person you know :)

  4. Liam O'Leary says:

    That’s pretty cool.

    Simon – that Google Latitude app sounds good. Thanks.

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