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Telegraph pole picture – another Samsung Galaxy S3 masterpiece

It’s my blog. I decide what goes in.telegraph pole in Lincoln Here is a picture of the label on the telegraph pole near my house. I still look most days for signs of the cabinet being upgraded to FTTC. Nothing yet. End of June is not looking good. It’s already slipped by three months from end of March to end of June. We’ll see.

Photo taken with Samsung Galaxy S3 (fwiw).

PS don’t ask me to interpret the code – someone might leave a comment explaining.

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3 replies on “Telegraph pole picture – another Samsung Galaxy S3 masterpiece”

well not meaning to sound like a geek BUT, the markings on the pole are as follows
Green band indicates when it had its last official safety inspection, the fact it is green shows it has passed for starters!
the 2 letters DP= Distribution Point,
the 4 numbers= the unique number for the Distribution point in that exchange area.

See, I knew someone would tell us what the markings mean. Thanks Rob and btw I’m afraid only a genuine dyed in the wool geek would know that one 🙂

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