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Payment Protection Insurance – are you eligible for £7,500 compensation?

Just had a phone call from an Indian sounding gent called Harry Connor. Actually he wasn’t totally sure what his name was because when I asked him again at the end of the call he said it was Sean Connor (not sure how he spells Sean – could be Shaun or Shawn – sorry). Perhaps he flips between both names without thinking – kind of split personality.

He was calling me about my Payment Protection Insurance and said I was eligible for £7,500 compensation.  It was all above board because he said the Ministry of Justice was behind it.

I like to make sure I’m dealing with reputable folk when being asked about financial stuff so I asked for the name of his company ( and their phone number (020 881 907 01). He said they were headquartered in London but had an office in Manchester.

Unfortunately I must have mistyped both the name of the company and the phone number and now not only can I not ring him back but I can’t even track down his website.

Ah well – another opportunity to make a fast buck lost. Never mind. I dare say he or one of his colleagues will call back. They have already called about 6 times.

I realise that the Telephone Preference Service doesn’t work overseas but someone needs to come up with a solution for this problem.

Listen to the phone call by clicking on the image of the phone below:

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The whole cold calling industry needs closing down to be honest, I was pleased when Alan Sugar and friends rejected a cold call centre business proposal as “grubby” on The Apprentice.

I had a similar bunch of jokers telling me that any credit card involved PPI and therefore a claim could be made. I said I didn’t believe that to be the case but let them have a crack at it. Some weeks later they wrote to say that Barclaycard had advised that my cards did not include PPI cover. QED.

Great work @Tref :¬) #StraightAnswersAreUs

As you say someone needs to do something about this lot!!!

When you said you hadn’t used PPI I thought he might say
“We are also calling on behalf of Microsoft and have noticed some virus problems on your PC” ;¬)

I don’t understand how people can be taken in by these things. If you think you’re entitled to your PPI outlay back, contact your lender. If an unprovoked offer from a third party seems too good to be true, it usually is!

As for Microsoft scam calls, I have advised all of my family to tell the ‘Microsoft support agent’ that they are Mac users. Works every time!

The Mac idea is a goodun Faye. I’m always in two minds whether to string the conversation along for a bit of fun or whether to just end it straight away.

PPI calls and text, I hate them can’t they just send you a Cheque 🙂

As for the Microsoft ones I go for the string along when they say “you have a virus on your pc”

just say “Out of the # Windows machines I have, which one has the virus ?”

Mum took a ‘Microsoft’ call the other day – apparently her computer had a chip in it that reported the virus problem to ‘Microsoft’ she asked them: “if my computer is so clever it has a chip in it to report the problem to you – why can’t you fix it remotely?” – genius. 🙂

Re : Virus scammers
1) Just how pane-full is this virus ?
2) I’m sorry, all of my rain gear is rubberized canvas.
3) Serenade them with the Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun”. (Solaris user)
4) Sorry, my Peanuts are well blanketed. (Linux user, ref. to Peanuts char.)

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