cop this – who is number 72 in the top 100 tech blogs? :)

I realise that this doesn’t mean much but in the interest of enlightenment and world peace I would like to share with you this  fine infographic in which I appear at the magnificent ranking of number 72 in the top 100 tech blogs to follow in 2013:) Fame at last.

Other than using the Alexa rankings I have no idea how they came up with the list but hey, who cares.


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  1. “Hi, I came across your website and really like the design and thought you have put in to it, bla bla bla. I thought you might like to link to my site as I like yours sooooooo much? Even though I won’t be linking to you.”

    …I might be wrong 😉

  2. Trefor Davies tref

    I’m in charge. I decide:)

  3. The fishing Gardener

    So how does the Alexa ranking work? – other than low looks good!


    1. Trefor Davies tref

      Alexa ranking is a measure of traffic to your site – lower the ranking the more traffic you have.

      check it out here

  4. I don’t know anyone that runs the Alexa toolbar which I believe is how they get their data?!

    When I carry out a report for it reports “no data”.

    I can find data using the same Alexa tool for Timico – so I wonder how your friends at ‘CouponAudit’ managed to find some?

  5. Trefor Davies tref

    HmmUK – that’s probably cos its not I don’t really know its worth or accuracy. Its a bit like all these social media influence scales which are a pile of poo and which are only of any interest to people who think the whole world revolves around social media which it doesn’t.

  6. Trefor Davies tref

    btw I note that the Alexa rank has changed from 512,127 when the infographic was produced to 480,053 now. At this rate world dominance is assured before the end of 2013:) nyahahahahahaaaaaa

  7. .net – good spot *blush*

    For me, when I try a report for I get results for ???
    This shows 480,053 as you posted though – but with the wrong URL?

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