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Follow tref on Twitterfwiw I have at the time of writing 2,271 followers and am followedTrefor Davies by 1,388. The reason that I have more followers than I follow is that I only follow back real people with something to say or a business that is in my area of interest where I think I might learn something. I also follow back businesses local to where I live unless their tweets just focus on saying “buy my left handed widget” on a repetitive basis. I’ve blogged all this before so nothing new here for regular readers.

Last week I was sat at my desk trying to upgrade to Widows8 and whilst the machine was doing its stuff I gave our IT guy Jared a driving lesson on Twitter. I had a new follower! Oo :)

Looking at this follower I noted that he had 9,000 followers but only followed less than 1,000 himself (actually it wasn’t a he it was a company). This was very suspicious. I could understand if it was a celebrity account. I had never heard of this company before, had no reason to engage with them but they had followed me. I was unlikely that they were particularly interested in me. Their intent was almost certainly for me to follow then back and very likely, having gained a new follower, proceed to unfollow me. That could be the only reason they had a 9:1 ratio of followers to follows.

As an experiment I followed them back and made a note to check on Monday (today) whether they were still following me. Lo and behold, surprise surprise, knock me down with a feather they weren’t.

I have now unfollowed them – there is no reason for me to stay with them because they aren’t interested in me as a person. They just want me to be interested in them. There is something wrong somewhere with that business model. How can a business succeed if it just wants to take and not give anything back.

Anyway that’s my missive for a Monday morning. Gotta go.  Awards entries to write and customer meetings to prepare for.


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3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Z10 smartphone comparison with Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone

  1. HmmmUK says:

    “We have a BlackBerry”
    *Royal we*

    Sounds like you guys like it! Perhaps you should consider doing some type of partnership thing? 😉

  2. Faye says:

    The new BB looks great – far superior to anything else they have released over the past few years. I remember when I first started out in telecoms that they were very much a business product, whereas now they are popular amongst teenagers due to BBM – the fact that the hardware is comparatively cheap is probably a factor in that too! The dynamic of the brand seems to have shifted quite a lot recently and maybe this is the device and OS that will help them stamp their ground again in the smartphone world. I’ve always loved BlackBerry, but I particularly like the look of this one. I’m less bothered about apps than most people so the speculation as to whether the app store will match up to Android and Apple doesn’t really bother me too much.

    Out of interest, why did the iPhone leave the room?

  3. Trefor Davies tref says:

    We as in Timico :) I as in Tref have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a DOA Nokia Lumia 920 which I shall be writing about shortly.

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