50% of smartphones have broken screen

50% of smartphones have a broken screen. This is based on an extensive survey of the six phones in the Davies family.

The sceptics amongst you will say huh, what kind of sample size is that? My response is that we are just a normal family & I’d like to bet that pretty much most of you out there have had a screen go on their phone at some stage or other.

My kids use protective cases for their phones and despite this one of them has just had a crack in their screen. He hadn’t dropped the phone or bashed it in anyway to his knowledge.Β This isn’t good enough. Glass tech needs to improve.

It might be interesting to conduct a little survey here. How many of you have had a screen break on their phone at some stage? This isn’t a scientific survey but it will be interesting to see the results. I might also ask people to let me know if they have never had a screen break.

Let’s see what the results look like – answers as comments please.


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  1. I probably change phone once every two years or so and have dropped all of them at least once but never broken the screen or glass. I guess it does depend how active and rough on tech your daily environment is though. Most of the time it’s either safe in the middle of my desk or in a cosy pocket.

  2. i have never had a screen broken on any previous mobile (blackberry, nokia, iphone. I have dropped my iPhone a few times and, fortuntately, the screen has never broken. I guess I’ve been lucky πŸ™‚

  3. Hmm – thus far this is making me feel as if the Davies family has some kind of genetic disposition to breaking phone screens. Lets give it some time.

  4. I cracked my iPhone 3Gs screen about 3 times… but my iPhone 4, that I’ve had for about 21 months has not yet smashed, that’s with no case and I’ve dropped it a few times (fingers crossed)

  5. I have had Iphones from the very begining & fortunately i have never experianced a cracked screen in anyway. Im going to have to be very carefull now πŸ˜‰

  6. No cracks, but a) I don’t do Apple and b) I prefer smaller form factors so I feel the risk of tensile fracture is reduced compared to a phablet.

  7. That’s an interesting point. I wonder how many of those with a broken screen are phablets rather than the more usual, to me at least, smaller form factor. I imagine that for statistical purposes smart phones and phablets are all lumped together.

  8. Never had a broken screen. I’ve always had two mobiles (personal / work) that go everywhere, camping, climbing, caving, canoeing, etc πŸ™‚ Normally the battery fails before anything else…

  9. Good Call Tref!.

    5 people in our House.

    1 not old enough to have a phone.

    Mrs is really careful, so no breakages there.

    Mine is traditional voice phone, (with colour screen!), but never a scratch on it.

    2 teenage sons…..One a blackberry fan has had 2 replacement screens, whilst

    the other, (a Samsung Galaxy man) has had one broken screen, and is living with his second which is currently broken.

    So 4 in the past 2-3 years in our House.

    2 points really……

    1. I think that the propensity to break is an age thing, and possibly aslo linked to gender.

    2. Timico offer a fantastic quote and repair service to their customers, with a loan phone to boot if they think that the screen repair is going to take a while.

    Penny W runs a good set up, always letting me know the cost before undertaking the work.


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