This Chromebook is Dead

Deceased, kaput, no longer of this world – dead Chromebook motherboard It is with a tinge of no real sadness that I present to you an image of a dead Chromebook motherboard. The Samsung Chromebook too is dead, on account of the non functioning motherboard. It wasn’t a huge loss because these things are so […]

Faster Fibre Broadband Internet Connections

Attempting to explain some of the mystique surrounding broadband connections, (mostly) in layman’s terms. I will attempt here to clarify some of the mystery surrounding fibre broadband connections while also offering suggestions for how to overcome some of the more confusing aspects of obtaining a faster service. Virgin Media (mainly in urban areas) and BT […]

Breaking news – I bought a Microsoft PC – 5 broken laptops in our house

I bought a new Microsoft PC. It isn’t really breaking news because I mentioned it in a post last week. Ordinarily I’d keep quiet about such an acquisition because it is an embarrassment to have to resort to such retro technology. I only bought it because I have a single application that needs to run […]

Day 8 without the SGS4 – all callers are anonymous and Spitfire-less posts

There is light at the end of the dark tunnel of phonelessness. Emails have been received: (from the insurance people) Good news, Your mobile phone has been repaired and is on its way back to you by our courier DPD. Kind Regards,The Repair Team. (from the courier) Your Lifestyle Services Group order is due to […]

Day 5 without the SGS4 – big screen/little screen/responsive screen

Almost sounds as if I’m someone talking about being in rehab when I say it’s day 5 without the phone. I still find myself picking up the temporary replacement, the Galaxy Mini, as if I’m about to use it to access twitter and my other regular internet haunts. I don’t use it for anything other than […]

Credit where credit is due – Windows 7 networking

Yesterday my SD  card blew up on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Not literally of course otherwise the nature of this post would be different. It would probably be ringed with a thick black border mourning the passing of one of the brightest prospects ever to have graced the Morning Star. Either that or it would […]

Content of SD card appears to have been wiped on Samsung Galaxy S4

As an additional note to my previous post it would appear that all the content on my SD card has been wiped. I’ll have to check it when I get home in case it is just the phone not seeing it. It’s not just the music but around 1,200 photos and videos. Is this a […]

SD card unexpectedly removed from Samsung Galaxy S4

I’m getting a message from my Samsung Galaxy S4 saying SD card unexpectedly removed. My thought go something like this. “Omg not more hardware problems with a Samsung Galaxy.” In the past I’ve had a plethora of USB connector problems, “water damage” problems (not!), screen problems. I’ve even had an SD card problem where I […]

Broken Cashpoint/ATM #Bitcoin & the cashless society

This morning on my way in to work I bumped into Tom, kid3’s piano teacher. He reassured me that kid3 was doing very well which is good. We chatted for a bit as we walked along and went our separate ways. Had I had  to drive to work I would not have bumped into Tom. Nor […]

External USB sound card to replace broken laptop card

Picked up this cracking little USB sound card off eBay for less than two quid, including postage and packaging. It’s for my old Dell laptop. I knocked it off the arm of the settee a year or so back. It fell on the floor and rammed the headphone socket right inside the machine. Ah well. […]

Breaking news – Kodak Hero 7.1 printer is broken again – error code 3527

My Kodak Hero 7.1 All in one printer is broken again! Printers have always been a bit tempermental haven’t they? I bought this one on 21st January 2012. At the time Kodak were going into administration. The printer looked a good deal so I also bought the 3 year “Instant Replacement” warrantee as a bit […]

Broadband speed bits or bytes, no bones broken, just the advertising agency

Broadband speed bits or bytes – ISP PRs gets it wrong I just lurve it when I see technical cockups in advertising & pr blurb from technical companies selling technical products – broadband sped bits or bytes. It happened in this blog post ostensibly written by TalkTalk CTO  Clive Dorsman. Now it’s BTs turn. On page […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 faulty USB socket #SGS4 problem

My Samsung Galaxy S4 has a faulty USB socket. I got this phone on 13th May 2013. Today is the 30th May 2013. The phone has lasted 17 days (I know, I’m sharp). The picture of the phone is on the right. Looks dead doesn’t it. That’s because it’s switched off. It isn’t totally kaput […]

Apple iPhone faults

We have an excellent team in our logistics1 department. Phillipa has efficiently found me a temporary HTC One S whilst my trusty Galaxy S3 is sent back for a new screen. This time it wasn’t a fault of Samsung – the last two times were faulty headset socket and a faulty connector that meant the phone […]

Galaxy S3 mended under warranty – faulty USB socket

Y’all will recall that I had to send my GalaxyS3 back because it wasn’t charging. Well I’ve got it back and they have mended it under warranty. The USB socket was faulty so all is now well. If it had been water damage I would have been cross.It wasn’t water damage. That’s all…

Samsung Galaxy S3 not charging problem

Short news bulletin to inform you that this morning my Samsung Galaxy S3 is not charging. This follows on from the same problem I had with the Galaxy S2. The diagnosis for the S2 was water damage despite my assertion signed affidavit that it has never been anywhere near water. It looks as if I’m […]

Aargh it’s 30 degrees and the Eastcoast train aircon is broken!

It’s the hottest day of the year so far. People are frying eggs on car bonnets and the homeless have left London for cooler climes – it’s too hot underneath the arches for a comfortable kip. The suits are sweating buckets and wishing it was acceptable to turn up for work in shorts. The ladies […]

Water water everywhere? Mobile phone water damage Samsung Galaxy S2 S3

Just as I took ownership of my Samsung Galaxy S3 my S2 died on my. Good timing? The battery ran down over the weekend and it would not recharge. I still needed the phone. I sent it off for repair. The repairers came back and said it had evidence of water damage. I can tell […]

Broken internet

“The internet is broken”. Uh? This is a common complaint a) from my wife who isn’t particularly technology savvy and b) from people whose broadband connection has gone down for whatever reason. Yesterday this complaint, slightly tongue in cheek, came from our development engineering team. US network operator Level3 had a problem with a bug […]