broken gear

My phone is broken

dead chromebook motherboard

This Chromebook is Dead

Deceased, kaput, no longer of this world – dead Chromebook motherboard It is with a tinge of no real sadness that I present to you an image of a dead Chromebook motherboard. The Samsung Chromebook too is dead, on account of the non functioning motherboard. It wasn’t a huge loss because these things are so […]

sgs4 broken s4 screen

Broken S4 screen and Oneplus One availability

Broken S4 screen once again in insurance claim and Oneplus One availability is somewhat of a disappointment. Broken S4 screen once again. It’s either my second or third breakage since getting the phone. I get it repaired under the insurance that comes with my bank account. Fifty quid. The last time it went I decided […]

rotting duct lashupcover

Faster Fibre Broadband Internet Connections

Attempting to explain some of the mystique surrounding broadband connections, (mostly) in layman’s terms. I will attempt here to clarify some of the mystery surrounding fibre broadband connections while also offering suggestions for how to overcome some of the more confusing aspects of obtaining a faster service. Virgin Media (mainly in urban areas) and BT […]

Fie on Eye-Fi

Transferring photos directly from your digital camera to a hard drive via wifi. A sweet idea, to be sure, and a functionality that now seems to be built into pretty much every new digital camera model coming off the producton lines. This was not the case just a short time ago, though, and this is […]


Day 3 without a phone #broken #SGS4

This is my third day without a phone. It isn’t completely true to say that as in Kid4’s Samsung Galaxy Mini I do have a means of making phone calls. It just isn’t much use for anything else and even as a mobile telephone it has limits – the battery life is totally pants. I’m […]


SD card unexpectedly removed SGS4

It’s not looking good. Just had notification on Samsung Galaxy S4 that “SD card unexpectedly removed”. This is the same message I was getting before the last SD card was wiped. If we recall, the SGS4 was launched on 26th April 2013.  This means that my SGS4 is less than 1 year old1 and it […]


This is a broken badminton racket

Born in a factory somewhere in the manufacturing world of a design by Carlton this badminton racket survived only two outings before it met an untimely end. We shall shed no tears. Mourn not. We have to move on. There is nothing to be gained by dwelling on what may have been. It is what […]


SD card unexpectedly removed from Samsung Galaxy S4

I’m getting a message from my Samsung Galaxy S4 saying SD card unexpectedly removed. My thought go something like this. “Omg not more hardware problems with a Samsung Galaxy.” In the past I’ve had a plethora of USB connector problems, “water damage” problems (not!), screen problems. I’ve even had an SD card problem where I […]


50% of smartphones have broken screen

50% of smartphones have a broken screen. This is based on an extensive survey of the six phones in the Davies family. The sceptics amongst you will say huh, what kind of sample size is that? My response is that we are just a normal family & I’d like to bet that pretty much most […]


Apple iPhone faults

We have an excellent team in our logistics1 department. Phillipa has efficiently found me a temporary HTC One S whilst my trusty Galaxy S3 is sent back for a new screen. This time it wasn’t a fault of Samsung – the last two times were faulty headset socket and a faulty connector that meant the phone […]


Samsung Galaxy S3 not charging problem

Short news bulletin to inform you that this morning my Samsung Galaxy S3 is not charging. This follows on from the same problem I had with the Galaxy S2. The diagnosis for the S2 was water damage despite my assertion signed affidavit that it has never been anywhere near water. It looks as if I’m […]


Broken internet

“The internet is broken”. Uh? This is a common complaint a) from my wife who isn’t particularly technology savvy and b) from people whose broadband connection has gone down for whatever reason. Yesterday this complaint, slightly tongue in cheek, came from our development engineering team. US network operator Level3 had a problem with a bug […]