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iOS7 release causes internet traffic to double

traffic growth on lonap network due to ios7 upgradeiOS7 caused a stir in more than one way last week. Twitter abounded with all sorts of comments regarding how slow the Apple servers were responding to download requests from excited fanbois eager to checkout the latest slightly iterative functionality of their new iOS. When the dust settled it seemed that the majority of people had been sorted.

Taking a look at the effect of iOS7 on networks comes up with some interesting results. The graph in the header pic above shows the traffic over the Lonap core before, during and after the flurry wave (ocean?) of downloading. Steady state is around 30Gbps or maybe slightly more. Once iOS started to hit the fan this doubled to around 60Gbps.

It’s good that networks such as Lonap can take the capacity hit.

The growth in traffic comes as no surprise when you consider the size of the download. This seems to have ranged from around 700MB to nearly a Gig depending on the device with 3GB of space needed on your phone for the install. I guess you wouldn’t want to be eating into your mobile data bundle with that.

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Makes you wonder what might happen if a major event, such as the Olympics, were to clash with the release of a new iOS and perhaps some other big story (terrorist attack etc.) on the same day. So far such things singularly big events have rarely clashed.

From what i read this week –

Apple claims 200 million[1] IOS devices upgrade to version 7 in the past week. A typical download was on the order of 800MB. At the same time, Apple released some other updates, like OSX 10.8.5[2](275MB) and XCode 5.0[3] (2GB). They also made the iWork and iLife applications (Pages, Numbers, Keynote iMovie, and iPhoto) free to download for all new IOS purchasers.

They sold 9 million iPhone 5s/c devices[1], most of which needed an update to IOS 7.0.1[5] which was a 1.2GB download.


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