NANOG 66 is in San Diego by the sea @LONAP

NANOG 66 – bring your shorts One of the downsides perhaps of being in the internet plumbing industry is that your Facebook timeline constantly fills up with people  off to conferences in exotic places. Even when they aren’t off to a meeting people are still off to exotic places as they spend their air miles. This week […]

rangemaster cooker service

The local wide web and the Rangemaster cooker service

Rangemaster cooker service – does your cooker need one? is back in action for 2016 after a very refreshing Christmas and New Year break. Most of you who are friends on Facebook will have seen what I’ve been up to and you can follow my daily non-work-ish diary over on In the meantime […]

oyster card refund

Oyster refund yay?

Yay an Oyster card refund I’m rich! No wait a minute… Dear Huw Davies Due to an operational issue, you are due a payment of £2.90. This is now ready for collection at Camden Town. Payment correction details: Reason: Payment correction because of an operational issue Value: £2.90 Reference: 5272976 Collection location: Camden Town Status: […]

Slightly confused of Lincoln

HP printer delivery either 09.13 or 13.56 You see before you a bewildered bloke. One where there is a risk of extremes of emotions on this, a pleasant if slightly breezy English summer’s day. My HP printer delivery is either going to be at 09.13 or 13.56. Coming out of the pool changing room this morning […]

encryption adult content filter snoopers charter revisited TalkTalk Router Security Flaw ashley madison

A quick guide to problems that will arise if we implement further internet surveillance measures

Snoopers Charter revisited The aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo murders has lead to goverment and opposition calling for more internet surveillance. Here are a few points for your consideration. Storing this data will inevitably result in it being hacked, left on a train/taxi on a laptop/memory stick and details of a government minister affair with […]

black friday

Black Friday stuff

Black’s Black Friday – 15% off full priced items I was lying in bed this morning when Black Friday was all over the news. If this blog is the only media you ever take notice of you need to know that Black Friday is an Americun import designed to try and make people rush to […]

Old Web

Old Websites

Considering Internet detritus of the slash-and-burn order, often the walking-dead creations of fly-by-night “web developers” who took the money (and lots of it) and ran. Websites. For small businesses. Probably built by someone nice met at a local business networking event. In Drupal? Joomla? TYPO3? For those without a care in the world, those first […]


The Hump Day Five (16-July-2014)

The Hump Day Five is on Red Alert this week, getting all Google-y powerful on music in the cloud, Leftovers, and Ping Pong Mania. 1 Started watching a new TV show a couple of weeks back called “The Leftovers”. If you haven’t haven’t seen or heard of it, the premise is quite simple. On 14-October at […]

yellow flower

It’s the weekend yay and I have lots of junk mail

It’s the weekend yay and I have lots of junk mail to catch up with. Normally this only takes 2 seconds. Virgin Media keep soliciting business and miscellaneous crappy insurance offers. One letter sticks. It’s about the fact that I didn’t appear to have paid my mortgage for two months. Sigh. My mortgage goes out […]

universal studios orlando

Apple store y

Made a purchase from the Apple Store in Florida Mall in Orlando. It was the first time I had made such a purchase. I’m not a big Apple fan. I was greeted at the door and handed on to a “personal shopper” (my term not theirs) who stuck with me to offer advice on the […]

MAC Code for Banks

Are MAC codes for banks long overdue? Was discussing banks with Bloor on Facebook. He paid his credit card off early but the bank still took the payment as Direct Debit meaning he had paid it twice. Apologies forthcame and situation was rectified but then the DD wasn’t taken at all the following month so […]


Windows XP ATM failure

There’s a Post Office down the road from my mam and dad’s place with a Barclays ATM. Yesterday I strode up to said ATM with a view to extracting some cash. Totally legally of course. Imagine my surprise when I was confronted with a screen showing what appeared to be Windows XP booting up. Wow […]


London Book Fair 2014 – unsubscribe SPAM

Yesterday I took delivery of a book: “History of the Welsh Baptists from the year 63 to 1770”. I had to refer to this post for the exact dates – I’m on my way to Manchester, the book is at home and the acknowledgement email cuts the title off at the number 6. I’m happy […]

Post Office needs investment

Post Office needs investment. Hot on the tail of yesterday’s musical post I have another one for you. This post has to be read with the theme tune for kids cartoon Postman Pat buzzing in your ear. Ready? I’ll begin. I’ve ordered some books – from Amazon fwiw. Over the last few days they have arrived, […]

Christmas shopping was never fun

Our daughter, who is away at university, has very thoughtfully taken the pain away from our Christmas shopping by sending us (or her mum at least) a number of links to items she wants for Christmas. Easy peasy – we just have to forward the emails to Santa with endorsements – yes pair of jeans/no […]


High street shop closures

I was walking past a shop on Steep Hill in Lincoln on Friday night and noticed that it was closing down. It’s happening all over the place. I have a friend who has closed the doors on his tailoring business as he couldn’t afford the rent and rates. This seems to be a trend. I […]


IT problems, printers and online support models

Usually I offload any home IT problems to the kids. Last night though I spotted one of them carrying the (wireless) printer into the living room. Omg wtf I thought (the kids will probably read this). Turns out the printer is knackered. Print head stays stuck in place. The lad in question was moving it […]


Yellow Pages shock

I realise it shouldn’t have come as a shock to me but one day over the long weekend I got home to find a copy of the Yellow Pages directory on the doorstep. It was a shadow of its former self, so much so that the notion of someone being strong enough to tear a […]


Quid Pro Quo – lead generation

It took me some time to work out a strategy on how to handle sales cold calls. As CTO I get a lot of recruitment consultants and people trying to sell network equipment and services. The problem is compounded by Timico coming 4th in the Sunday Times Techtrack 100. The fact that my email address and phone numbers […]