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I used to drive to the office.It was a 40 minute trip and consumed a tank of diesel a week. Now I walk to work. It takes 30 minutes. I have over the last two weeks only used a half a tank of fuel.

My walk to and from work takes me past Lincoln Cathedral. It’s a beautiful building. I am very lucky.

When I drove to work I would keep an eye on the time using the clock on the dashboard. Wouldn’t make much difference as to when I arrived mind you. Totally depended on the traffic.

Now that I walk to work I can if I so choose check the time as I pass the Cathedral. There is a sundial. It isn’t particularly accurate but there again it doesn’t particularly matter what time I get to work:)

Of course the sundial doesn’t work when it is cloudy and under those (extremely rare – this is Lincoln) circumstances I can pick up the time from my phone – it gets it from somewhere in the cloud. Today I start monitoring my progress using Runkeeper. Stay tuned.

Click on the picture for a close up of the sundial.


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Very nice.

If you haven’t been already I’d recommend a trip to York and a walk round York Minster, a truly awe inspiring building both inside and out.

I really must get round to uploading the pictures I took when I was last there to one of the photo sharing sites (will add a link here when I do if that’s alright) but best not this month as I’ve been hammering a certain satellite broadcaster’s IPTV service to watch lots of good stuff and am in the process of setting up a new Sat Nav for a relative and it seemingly is downloading a few gigs of data, a check on my usage last night showed I’d used 45 GB already and although I’m technically unmetered I don’t want to risk a souring of the good relations between myself and the small ISP I use.

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