Post Office Special Delivery Performance

Why do we bother using the Post Office?

Not very Special Delivery Last Thursday I posted my passport at the Post Office in Peel, IoM where I am on holiday. I wanted it to get to Richard Irving safely so I paid for it to go Special Delivery, guaranteed to get there before 1pm, the next day ie Friday. Richard is taking it to […]

vw campervan hire lincoln

VW campervan hire lincoln

Anne’s Vans VW campervan hire lincoln Anne’s vans is our new VW campervan hire Lincoln business. If you are thinking of heading off for a UK based holiday you could do worse than a VW campervan hire from Anne’s Vans in Lincoln. The idea came about when last summer we tried to hire a vintage VW […]

storm Abigail

Hurricane Nora strikes

I mean storm Abigail I should say mildly agitated bit of wind Abigail.  I wouldn’t promote her to storm, at least not in Lincoln. Course things may be different in other parts of the country. In the West. Where they get all the weather. Here in Lincoln it has got colder and I’ve stuck the […]

trefor davies vlog

First train to London – just leaving town

Stardate 4th November Editor’s vlog early morning report Catching the 19.06 back from King’s Cross if anyone else is around at that time. FIrst train to London – just leaving town – I’m not sure i like the term vlog but this is the beginning of me doing more of this kind of stuff. It’s quicker […]

Schnapps post Euro-IX Berlin

Lovely to have you with us

Return from Euro-IX Berlin I don’t know whether it’s just hotel living or the exposure to different cultures but it’s always nice to come home after a trip overseas. For the first part of this week I was at Euro-IX Berlin. It was the usual useful meeting of Internet Exchange Point operators from mostly Europe but […]

bomb survivor near sony centre in berlin

Sony Centre Berlin

Sony Centre Berlin – part of a E4Bn investment built on wasteland in the last 20 years The building in the featured image is next door to the Sony Centre and is the only pre ww2 building in the area to have survived the bombing. Image below is of some sections of the Berlin wall […]

euref gas holder berlin

Euref gas holder Berlin

The tour continues – euref gas holder Berlin Euref gas holder Berlin. Berlin is a wonderfully atmospheric place. As someone who grew up during the Cold War it really does represent a rich seam of somewhat sombre material for the bloggers imagination. Especially on a grey October day. Our tour took us to the Euref Centre […]


Thoughts from a cocoon

Flight BA 462 to Madrid I’m buried in music on a flight to Madrid. My own earphones insulate me from the tinny emissions of a cheap set of earphones across the aisle. The dress code is high summer. Whilst Autumn in the UK has screeched around the corner and slid to a halt in front […]

Rachel Hair Do

Rachel Hair Do

Rachel Hair do – you going? Still on holiday and thought you’d like this – a poster for a gig in Peel, IoM. They don’t explicitly say it’s the Rachel Hair do but seems obvious. She’s also pretty used to the pun I’m sure 🙂

glen maye

Glen Maye and other holiday musings

Yesterday Dad and I picked Tom up from the airport. His flight showed up as running 5 minutes late so we took the opportunity to nip to the bottle bank before heading for the airport. Turns out the flight landed 8 minutes early so the lad was there waiting for u when we arrived at […]

Walking around Peel Shoprite

Walking around Peel Shoprite Walking around Peel Shoprite whilst the others bought some salady bits for dinner last night. Had just returned from Tynwald Mills where we happened across a shoe sale. We bought 5 pairs of shoes for £50 including a pair of Barkers leather shoes reduced from £170 to £10. Steal. May stick up […]

Peel Saturday 29th August and yes Tref is still on holiday

Peel Saturday 29th August Just been out for my favourite early morning spin to Fenella beach. I do the same route every time. Down past Moore’s Kipper factory and along the far side of the quay to Fenella car park. Unfortunately at this time of year there are always a few campervans taking up the […]

peel breakwater

Peel breakwater first light

Peel breakwater first light Peel breakwater at first light on Thursday morning. Had just returned from Douglas after dropping Joe off at the ferry. He had to go home early from the holiday as the Pylons had been invited to play at the Jamie Oliver Feastival in the Cotswolds.

peel dawn

Peel dawn – tref is still on holiday

Peel dawn – tref is still on holiday Was up yesterday whilst still dark to take Joe to the Sea Terminus to catch the boat. He is playing Jamie Oliver’s Feastival with The Pylons today. On the way home I dropped by the harbour as the dawn was arriving.

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