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Profile information on people when adding to Google Contacts

I’ve added a couple of people to my Google Contacts list today based on being given their email addresses and mobile phone numbers. I’m impressed to see what other information on each person Google comes up with when you add them as a contact.

The info added by Google in Contacts must presumably be dependent on the person having made that available on their profile. However it is impressive – at a glance info on Twitter name, Facebook account etc.

Why wouldn’t you want to make this info available? If you manage different social media accounts differently you can do that either by keeping quiet about some or just restricting who can see what information through that platform’s own privacy settings.

Seem to me that this is a long way towards providing the functionality that the likes of tout as key selling features for their own platforms, but on a free of charge basis.

I will be reviewing my own profiles and settings for my various social media accounts. Very mildly disappointed that the Gmail changes referred to herein still don’t seem to have kicked in yet. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Oh I don’t know…

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Just noticed Google+ came up with the fact that it’s my sister’s birthday! Only noticed it as I was chatting to her on the phone. In fact I only remembered it was her birthday as I was talking!

Fret not though. I had sent her a card and prezzie. I had just momentarily forgotten – fog of internet etc.

Point I’m getting to is that I clicked on the bit on Google+ that told me it was her birthday and sent her a message. She isn’t on Google+ so I can only think that it picked up her details from my Calendar! Inneresting…

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