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Indian call centre scammers need to up voice quality

pirate flagYou see before you a partially disappointed man. Not very disappointed. Just partially so.

I’m waiting in this morning so that there is someone in the house when two parcels get redelivered. The phone rang. It was an Indian call centre scammer.

I was only recently pontificating on the fact that I didn’t seem to have had many scam calls of late. This in particular is disappointing because the post about the 08000641087 scam number is amongst the most popular on this blog. Lots of annoyed folk out there.

So the phone rang and I was instantly excited. I’ve got into the habit of recording such calls – they sometimes make for good blogging. The guy at the other end made several attempts to start his pitch but I kept him off until I had retrieved my mobile phone, put him on the house speakerphone and started to record.

Unfortunately the voice quality was appalling, not helped by the fact that he was on a cheap speakerphone at my end. He seemed to want to talk about family planning. At least that’s what it sounded like.

I couldn’t quite see where the conversation was going so I cut him off (may have been in his prime – dunno if he’s reached that stage yet). As I say. Partially disappointing.

Had he used a better quality voice service provider I would have probably stayed on the line for longer. It would be worth their while doing a bit of an experiment to see if the slightly more expensive but better call quality service yielded better results. Probably haven’t thought about that, yet. I’d call back and let them know but the number was unobtainable.

Business must be good for LBM Direct Marketing Ltd btw for them to be annoying so many innocent people.

Today apparently is Safer Internet Day. I’d provide a link but their server is taking an inordinate amount of time to respond. It’s not just the internet we have to watch out for. It’s a jungle out there…

For lots of fun posts on telephone scams see here.

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