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Ooo my what a big SD card you’ve got sir – is that 128GB bulging out of your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

list of micro sd card sizesJust been to PC World to buy a new 32Gig SD card. As you know my old one was jiggered by my camera/phone/SGS4/intergalactic-slow-software-communicator (if not catch up with the story here and here)

Permit me to be flabbergasted but these things now come with up to 128GB of storage! FGHJOweroijhlkjhlklnnnggg1. Now I don’t think I need 128GB. I’ve only got about 50GB on my Drive athough that doesn’t include music and photos.

This is the point when someone usually chips in and says “that’s more storage than ever existed on the whole planet before 1983” or “that’s more storage than they had on board all the space shuttles and all the Apollo missions ever including Apollo 13!”

I think at this stage that storage tech would appear to be outpacing the media tech destined for storage and also the battery technology destined to power the mobile media players (ie c/p/S/i above). Mind you it is a fair bet, knowing the people I know that someone will come back and tell me that he has to carry several 128GB SD cards around in case some of his main storage runs out (Tom Bird? 🙂 ).

I bought a 32GB job for about £19. It’ll do me for now.

PS when will they be quoting how many UHD videos a card will store. I spoke to a guy in PC World who told me they weren’t selling many 4K TVs.

PPS I know some smart person will also tell me I could have bought the 32GB card for 25 pence online but I didn’t want to wait ok? 🙂

1 Sound of me being flabbergasted
2 Applicants for membership of the extreme abbreviators club should leave a comment. We meet evry mnth in gd pb cld rhdtfpt in htbrftp.

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3 replies on “Ooo my what a big SD card you’ve got sir – is that 128GB bulging out of your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”

When I first got my Ace 2 I put in a 1GB micro SD card I had hanging about from a Nokia 6700 I used to own.

For a week after I wondered why the phone had noticably slowed down at times, I removed it and the phone became more responsive again, it dawned on me that the read/write speed of the card probably wasn’t quick enough for the phone.

I ordered an 8GB memory card from a site that specialises in memory cards for 5.50 (I went for a well known memory brand)

Put it in and it seems to have improved the android performance a bit (I’m running 4.1.2 on this) without any noticeable effect on battery life (I get about 2 days around here between home and work as the coverage is quite variable, particularly at work as there’s lots of steel in the buildings.)

You know, 128GB is 4,000 times bigger than my first ever hard drive! It is also 1 million times the data capacity of a C15 “audio” cassette (from memory) encoded with PWM!!

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