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Lincoln 10K – Support

After a bit of training, a few blog posts, and a little apprehension, here is my result from yesterday’s Lincoln 10K:

Pos. No. Name Gun Time Chip Time Chip Pos. Gender Gender Pos. Cat. Cat. Pos.
3200 1466 Paul Tyler 1:06:52 1:02:29 3090 Male 2211 M35 292


The race itself was remarkably pleasurable. As I’d suspected, the start was tricky, as after lots of waiting around the gun finally went off and I got to watch the people who are better runners than me speed off, knowing they’d be taking the places in the pubs for Sunday lunch long before I would.

I won’t go through the whole race here as that would be about as interesting as listening to a work colleague describe a dream. I will simply say that it took me a good long time to sort my pace out, then there was a bit of a lull in the middle, and I enjoyed a better-than-expected second half.wpid-img_280693493738732_1.jpg

Though it may be something of a cliché to gush on about the support you receive en route, it truly does make the race not only achievable but worthwhile. I’ve been a spectator at many races and I know that for most of the participants it requires a lot more effort than simply walking to the edge of your driveway with a cup of tea to see what all the noise is about. The effort from the supporters is worth every stride taken, and it provides quite an ego boost as well!

I want to offer a huge thanks, too, for all the support I’ve received from and from those on social media. You all helped to push me over the line, and I am happy to share the feelings I have of pride and accomplishment with you.

So for the time being, quite simply, thus ends the subject of the Lincoln 10K. THANK YOU.

Paul Tyler presents Lincoln A to Z on Siren FM, and the audio he recorded at the Lincoln 10K will be broadcast soon.


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