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ip phone competition @harbour_lights

This picture was taken at the @harbour_lights caff on the prom in Peel IoM. It shows a traditional seaside cafe but with a twist. The @harbour_lights, as regular followers of holiday blog posts will know, has free wifi and a Twitter account. It also has an IP phone which impressed me greatly.

There is a prize of a pot of tea for two at the Harbour Lights Cafe for the first person to tell me the brand of the phone and where it is in the picture. Clicking on the image gets you a full size version which should help.

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7 replies on “ip phone competition @harbour_lights”

My guess is it’s a Cisco SPA 303 (3-Line) IP Phone.. and it’s next to the till.

I was going to say SPA525G2 but it looks like it has the original none-colour screen!

Now that you mention it Aled it may be. I assumed it was a Cisco but didn’t look close up. I’ll go back tomorrow to check.

Oh and no, flights and accommodation not included but if it turns out to be a Linksys I’ll buy you a beer next time I see you. In fact mi brynai’ di beint beth bynnag 🙂

Cop this:

Harbour Lights IOM @harbour_lights
@tref @trefornet Very impressive! It is indeed a Cisco SPA303. Enjoy your tea!

Darren wins 🙂 If you let me know when you will be turning up for the prize I’ll make sure the caff is paid in advance. Alternatively come up and say hello to me sometime and I’ll buy you a beer.


Cisco rebadged the Linksys range as “Cisco Small Business” after their aquisition (and I’ve no idea how they’re badged now, since they sold Linksys to Belkin.) So, for a while. Cisco were selling two ranges of handsets, their “real” ones (which also used their own “skinny” VoIP protocol) which were usually deployed by larger companies as part of a “unified communications” phone system, and the “Linksys SPA” ones which you were more likely to see standalone, as you do in the tea shop here.

Darren’s ability to distinguish different models of SPA phone though makes him the deserved winner 🙂

Edrych ymlaen am y cwrw! hwyl!

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