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  1. Trefor Davies


  1. the absolute best bacon butty I have ever had was at a farm, and she grilled the bacon, then dipped the bread (ordinary cheap white sliced) into the the fat that had dripped out of it on one side, then toasted that side, put the bacon on it (so the other side was just soft white with no fat) and it was truly awesome, it was like fried bread inside.

  2. Crusty rolls from a proper baker (no Greggs, no supermarket own brand) are very acceptable IMO 🙂

    Definitely not the crappy, stodgy previously aforementioned rubbish.

  3. Just had the ‘farmhouse method’ – albeit spreading the bread with butter and frying on one side of both slicee. Bloody lush it were!

  4. We had it again this morning too with fresh coffee. Laura like it, albeit it was ‘weird’ as the soft outer bread belies the contents 🙂

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