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Mobile phone insurance claims

sgs4Just had to claim on my Lloyds Bank current account insurance for a repair to my mobile phone. Dropped it whilst getting into the car this morning. Doh!

Took me 3 minutes to get through the ivr tree only to end up with a person who could not answer my question and forwarded me to another ivr tree whereupon I eventually ended up in a queue to a third party insurance company partner who was  “currently experiencing extremely high levels of calls” and said would I mind awfully waiting. I made that last but up.

Sorted it quickly enough mind you, once I’d got through to a person. Sounded Scottish though the memory may be playing tricks with me. At least it wasn’t overseas somewhere.

Makes me thing if the Scots do go for independence, and as far as I am concerned it is entirely up to them, will we start complaining about outsourcing call centre jobs over the border?

“Aargh I’m not using that firm again. They use a non-domestic call centre. You speak to someone who has no idea where Lincoln is and think it is somewhere near London. Couldn’t understand a word they were saying!”

I was on the phone for 15 minutes 45 seconds. Anne and I dread it whenever we have to call an insurance company. The worst is motor insurance. You can write off a measurable portion of your life in call queuing and then answering all the security question and after all that they ask you questions you don’t know the answer to such as the fuel consumption of your 1956 Ford Popular1 or what were the three points from 1986 all about?

The S4 still functions as a phone but the screen is totally pooped. I was able to call it, hear incoming email alerts, “find” it online and then do a factory reset.  So now I’m going to be without a phone for around 10 days whilst I wait for the email with the appropriate approval to return voucher and then the 3 days to assess the damage once the phone has been received followed by the 3 days to fix/return.

I have temporarily moved my SIM to Kid4’s Galaxy Mini. The question will be whether it is worth doing this or should I experiment with not having a phone for the ten days? The hardest bit will be at night where the S4 is very handy for tweeting between the sheets, reading the papers first thing etc. Also the lack of a decent camera is going to be a nuisance.

I did consider just getting a new phone but it’s £50 insurance excess versus a few hundred quid and I want to wait for the new Nexus anyway. Be assured I will keep you updated on this most important of modern sociological issues. To have a phone or to have not.

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1 No smart arse comments please – I have no idea when the Ford Popular was manufactured and I’m not interested enough to look it up.

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