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How to cook the perfect baked bean

the perfect baked beanYou have to hand it to the Guardian. Their lead story this afternoon, occupying a fair chunk of front page real estate is “How to cook perfect baked beans“.

At last a voice of common sense in a world full of bad news stories. The rest of the front page is either gore, boring politics or the mundane. The quality of the research that has gone into the article just further illustrates the Guardian’s leadership position the Guardian. My own attempts to describe the perfect bacon sandwich are fair enough but are a clear second best to the efforts of writer Felicity Cloake.

FC obviously had access to some of the UK’s top chefs in researching her piece – writing for the Guardian opens doors. I don’t begrudge her this. I can only stand back and admire.

This article also vindicates the approach of chucking non tech related posts into what is meant to be a technology blog. The Guardian too has its serious side, and who is to say that baked beans or bacon sandwiches aren’t serious issues. Most of us eat them after all. In fact the humble baked bean and the majestic bacon sandwich complement1 each other.

I may have to try the baked bean recipe. The issue is going to be time. For example this Saturday is going to be the obvious time to try it. I am attending the official opening of the new Lincoln Rugby Club ground by TV star and former Lincoln club captain John Inverdale (I name this rugby club Lincoln – gawd bless her and all who drink (yards of ale) in her).

The official opening commences at 11am. The band doesn’t come on until 7.30 pm. This is going to require significant fortitude – survival skills even. Part of the survival preparation involves the consumption of a hefty breakfast before hitting the lemonade and this is normally where the baked beans would come in. On this occasion I just can’t see there being time to cook the beans as directed by the Guardian. It’s going to have to be Heinz, again.

Someday though…

Regardless of the weather this coming Bank Holiday Monday, after publishing the launch post for VoIP week on, the BBQ will come out again and attempts will be made to cook the perfect steak. Watch this space:)

1They may even compliment each other – that’s a very nice looking baked bean – thank you mr bacon sandwich:)

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One reply on “How to cook the perfect baked bean”

Flame grilled steak, lovely.

Am quite lucky as near me there is a company that delivers BBQ food to your door who do the best chuck beef beefburgers in the world accompanied by chunky chips, they do other stuff like pulled pork too but am more a beef fan but they don’t do steak but here’s hoping they might one day.

All I have to do is order from their site and 30-90 minutes later (depending on how busy they are) it gets delivered to my door and that’s year round so no need to wait for summer.

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