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#VoIPweek roundup

Last week was #voipweek on This follows on from #peeringweek and will be part of an ongoing programme of themed weeks focussing on particular technology subjects relating to the internet.

Although we do occasionally ask for specific posts the contributors to our themed weeks are by and large left to choose their own topic. This makes for a diversity of content that we probably wouldn’t otherwise  see. Diversity is indeed what we did get.

The week saw the publication of 28 posts most of which were VoIP related. VoIP content was wide ranging and included articles on Net Neutrality (in the news at the moment), security and fraud, the technology of location identification for Emergency Services, considerations in designing conference phones, the birth of a new handset, will OTT services kill off the telephony service provider and more.

We saw nostalgia and forward thinking. What’s happening in the Google UC world and will ITSPs need to embrace Lync? There was also a post highlighting a real world case study of someone trying to find a serviced office that would allow them to use their own VoIP service.

In one sense VoIP is now a boring subject because it is mainstream. People like new things. It’s impossible to talk about new things all the time – they just don’t come quickly enough. The content for VoIP week was current enough though and being written almost exclusively by CEOs or Technical Directors in the industry was pretty authoritative.

The statistics make for interesting reading. During the week we saw 6,640 visitors, 9,352 page views. Add to this an average of 296 RSS feed reads a day. Posts were shared a total of 414 times including 90 via Twitter and a 188 via LinkedIn. Google+ at 73 shares came in higher than Facebook at 63. This mix suggests a predominantly business interest in the subject of VoIP.

One post which discussed the future of Unified Communications had 54 shares on LinkedIn which has to be a record for this blog.

All in all we can say that #voipweek was a great success and we should certainly look forward not only to more guest posts from those contributing last week but to other themed weeks in the months ahead.

I’d like to thank all the contributors for helping to make it such a success. Without their authoritative posts #voipweek could not have happened.

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