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Lincoln car fire outside University STOP PRESS

Lincoln car fire has fire engine in attendance

A Lincoln car fire is not that common I’d say, though I’m not an expert on these things. I was sorting out the aircon in the office. The vent had dropped off so it was blowing cold air out one side of the office and hot air out of the other. Doh. Fixed it but Rob the developer mentioned that he thought he could smell fire.

I went out to wash my hands after eating an orange and blow me down from the office balcony I could see the fire engine putting out the fire. It was a fair distance away so what you get from my phone camera is indeed what you get – no telephoto lens.

I can still hear sirens wailing as I tap in this post. Gotta get it out before the BBC find out about it:) STOP PRESS, hold the front page.

Hopefully nobody was hurt. I like fire engines but unfortunately they mostly have to deal with bad incidents rather than rescuing cats from up trees and cutting railings to release little boys who have got their heads stuck. When I was a kid I went on a scouts visit to the fire station in Caernarfon. They all do it. Scouts that is. I wanted to have a go sliding down the pole but they wouldn’t let me. Insurance or something. Huh!

Talking about sirens my mum used to work at a hospital in Cardiff. The ambulance men used to run her home through the rush hour traffic with the blue light going, just to get there a little more quickly. Those were the days:) Nowadays when I see an ambulance rushing by it makes me pause for thought. Having a family changes your attitude on life.

Ciao amigos.

Check out this pic of the back of a fire engine. Could be the same one for all I know.

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