fire engine in Lincoln

Thing is what’s not to like about fire engines?  This is a particularly old one but they built them to last in those days. Probably still do where fire engines are concerned. Same can’t be said about washing machines.

fire engine hose connectorsI was stopped behind this one at lights in Lincoln and was suitably impressed with the array of industrial strength hose connectors at the back. All sorts of questions began to bounce around the empty chambers of my mind. I need fire engine education. It’s a very long time since I visited the fire station in Caernarfon with the cub scouts.

How much water can this fire engine store? How long does it last when being used to put out fires – obviously related to the number of hoses being deployed. What are the different connectors for? Are some water  in and some water out? Looks like it supports four hoses. Whatr sized crew is needed to man the engine? Average number of call outs a day/a week? Response times? How many old ladies have had to be rescued from being stuck up trees1?

These are all extremely important questions. There are more. Mpg? Range? Engine size? Pump power (electrical and height they can squirt water)? I’m sure you can think of more. I don’t have the answers.

All I can tell you is that fire engines are in the same category as steam trains for coolness. Every small boy between the ages of one and one hundred and one likes fire engines. Me included or I wouldn’t have taken this photo. Wonder what the driver’s name was. Wonder when they are next repeating Fireman Sam? Station Officer Steele. Elvis, Bella Lasagne, Naughty Norman, all of em stars, A-listers.

Fire engines. What’s not to like?

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1 I know I know they shouldn’t be climbing trees at their age but some people never grow up and why should they?

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  1. Agreed! What’s not to like about fire engines? Fire engines — in fact, all of that firefighting vehicular equipment — absolutely rock!

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