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Manx Telecom 4G launch

Manx Telecom 4G launch around 12 years after being first 3G trialist

Quite excited to see the Manx Telecom 4G launch. I periodically go to the Isle of Man to see me dear old mam and dad. They live around the corner from the telephone exchange in Peel. One of my old school chums Richard Fletcher works for Manx Telecom and we occasionally get together for lunch when I’m over.

It was Richard who introduced me to 3G at Manx Telecom. Before 3G was available in the UK it was trialled in the Isle of Man as Manx Telecom were then part of O2. The IoM is a nice place to conduct telecoms trials as the population is really the equivalent of a smallish town in the UK.

The 3G trial must have been 13 years or so ago. It’s taken a while to get 4G out. The lack of competition in the Isle of Man doesn’t make for speedy rollout of new services. It’s nice to see it happen now though. The Manx Telecom 4G service may even tempt me to get a PAYG sim – I’m over for the week in August. The family is used to seeing me doing mobile speed tests wherever I go. In fact my daughter, who now lives in Spain, instinctively tells me how fast her broadband is when we hangout of an evening.

Whilst over I usually do a few IT support jobs in the paternal household. This time it will include upgrading the folks to FTTC and getting them a new router. The WiFI is a bit dodgy on the old one as you will recall from this here post. Now that the Isle of Man finally has 4G I’m thinking that the conversation on this blog is going to move to 5G. After all if Mayor of London Boris Johnson is talking about it it must be the right thing to do 🙂

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