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VoIP week on 6th – 10th October

Advanced notice of VoIP week on 6th – 10th October

There are times in the year where VoIP becomes a natural subject to talk about. On these occasions we have a VoIP week on This is where we get lots of guest contributors to write stuff about VoIP. In our case the guest contributors are normally senior industry executives and as such usually have something worth listening to (ok or worth reading if you want to be pedantic).

Our last VoIP week was way back in May where we had a diverse set of posts included articles on Net Neutrality (still in the news now), security and fraud, the technology of location identification for Emergency Services, considerations in designing conference phones, the birth of a new handset, will OTT services kill off the telephony service provider and more.

We saw nostalgia and forward thinking. What’s happening in the Google UC world and will ITSPs need to embrace Lync? There was also a post highlighting a real world case study of someone trying to find a serviced office that would allow them to use their own VoIP service.

The statistics for the week included 6,640 visitors, 9,352 page views and an average of 296 RSS feed reads a day. There were a total of 414 shares including 90 via Twitter, a whopping 188 via LinkedIn, 73 for Google+ and 63 for Facebook. This mix suggests a predominantly business interest in the subject of VoIP.

This coming VoIP week is timed to coincide with the Convergence Summit South, a channel trade show in which VoIP services resellers descend on Sandown Park Racecourse to discuss VoIP business and to drink lots of beer. That week we are not only having a week of VoIP blog posts. We have a VoIP security jointly organised with ITSPA – the Internet Telephony Service Providers Association and the twice yearly UC Executive Dinner. More on the workshop very soon.

The Exec Dinner is by invitation only and largely attracts C Level individuals from the Unified Communications (ie VoIP) industry. Although attendance is by invitation if you are a senior exec in the UC game and want to come you are very welcome to get in touch and I’ll point you in the right direction. These dinners are always great networking events and have a senior industry guest speaker to spark a debate. This next dinner has Voxygen CEO Dean Elwood discussing OTT services in the large telco market.

Finally VoIP week wouldn’t be VoIP week without its guest contributors. If you think you have something to say by all means get in touch and tell your friends. Note this is not an open invitation to write a sales oriented post filled with links to your own product.

C ya.

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